We’ve been busy in the kitchen…pictured is our new Walnut Date Sticky Bun….

Our first event of the year will be the Foothills Celebration on March 4th in downtown Grass Valley! Tickets will be available through the Downtown Grass Valley Association, and include wine tastings and food pairings at several locations.

Our Northstar market opens April 15th; we look forward to seeing everyone after a long, cold, wet winter! In the meantime, feel free to contact us for special orders.

Celebrating Peaches!

They seem to be at their peak right now; come out and enjoy peach scones, pies, cobblers and more. We will even have peach dumplings Thursday (July 21) in Penn Valley.

Winter Tales….

We are often asked what we do all Winter. I usually answer “Clean house”, which is not far from the truth.

We do clean house, but we also test new recipes. Winners include chocolate chip cookie dough truffles; gluten free chocolate cookies; mocha muffins, and maple ginger cookies.

We also get out and about to see what is new. We will be going to Cookie Con in Los Angeles in February, and braved the rain to try a warm donut stuffed with ice cream at The Parlour in Sacramento.

We hope to see you at Mill St Clothing on March 1st from 1-4 p.m. for the annual Foothills Celebration, featuring local wine and food samples. Tickets are available through the Grass Valley Downtown Association.

We will be back at the Northstar House every Saturday beginning mid April, and as always are available for special orders any time!!


New: Chocolate Raspberry Baked Donuts; Gluten Free Blackberry Struesel Bars; Big flaky squares of pie to take home or eat on the run….look for White Nectarine Raspberry tomorrow….

Big, beautiful certified organic blackberries from Riverhill Farms in Nevada City…featured in cobblers and tarts.

Nanas will be closed the week of the Fair. We will be open at Northstar tomorrow, Auguts 8 and then will reopen Monday, August 17.

What’s in the Oven?

Hot Chocolate Cookies:  Rich, fudgy cookies with a marshmallow melted on top, covered in a fudgy frosting….

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Scones….

We will once again be at Mill St Clothiers Saturday, March 1st. We will be sampling Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Espresso Brownies, Raspberry Squares, Baked Pumpkin Donuts, and Mini Fruit Tarts. We hope to see you there. A ticket will give you your choice of any 3.

The event runs from 1-4 p.m. Tickets and more information are available through the Grass Valley Downtown Association. (historicgrassvalley.com)

…warm out of the oven for today’s Growers Market general membership meeting at the Northstar House….come try them April 13 at our first market of the year.


Pocket Pies….

We have had a very busy summer; as usual, much better at baking than at marketing….

On a short trip to San Francisco, we noticed pocket pies everywhere. Our version features fresh local or organic fruit. Our favorite flavors are Peach Raspberry with Pearson peaches and organic raspberries, and Apple Blackberry with berries from the Northstar Market.
Come see us! Peace, love, and chocolate….

We will be at the Northstar House tomorrow, August 4, from 8-12:30 then will not be at any more markets until Tuesday, August 14.

Come join us! The house will be open; the floors have been redone.

Our menu will include apple bundt cake with a cider glaze, lemon cake with a double lemon glaze, gluten free chocolate cupcakes, lavendar teacakes, and many of your old favorites!

April 14 through November 17: 8-12:30 at the Northstar House off Old Auburn Road 1/2 mile from the Fairgrounds

Come out and enjoy some Celtic goodies at the St Pirans day festival Saturday, March 10 (9-12) in the parking lot by the GV police station. We’ll have scones, soda bread, shortbread, etc